My Heart In Pieces

I feel like I am a very fortunate person and I am thankful for all the opportunities that opened up in front of me throughout the path of my life. I happened to be so lucky and move to Ireland where I spent two years studying and working. Before going there I never could have imagined that my heart would never be whole again aching from time to time and longing for the wide and open sceneries of Ireland. I came there during the worst time of my life depressed and with no self esteem or whatsoever. When I think back to that time I am smiling with content about the progress I made as a person. Ireland saved me in every way a person could be saved and gave me my life back and even added some spice. I fell in love with a country so undervalued but beautiful. With its people who are the loveliest and happiest no matter what. With the beautifully wild nature you find which made me wonder if Mother Nature realises what a masterpiece she created. Unfortunately, the capital of my beloved Eire made me sick .. but I suppose that every capital city has that toxic force that can drive people crazy. Over centuries capitals keep loosing their national face and Charme due to crowds of tourists and globalisation and your everyday life becomes as grey as the buildings you work in. I started hating the city and it’s busy life. The traffic and the poor infrastructure. My job and the permanent pressure. The high rents and prices. The only thing that was saving me was my partner in crime and our dog. I was longing for that feeling of filling my lungs with salty air and feeling free. Feeling the wind blowing into my face and simply forget about anything else. There is no place on this planet for me where I could feel more grounded than I do on the shores of Ireland. I simply love sitting on the hills and watching over the wild Atlantic covering the rocks and beaches with its curly waves and holding an immense power us humans will never be able to understand. It feels like every inch of the island has a story of its own to tell and legends and myths are around the corner. You just need to look for it and maybe you’ll find a pot of gold ? I know it sounds stupid but I suppose that this is what you call true and unconditional love. Despite all the horrors Ireland had to face throughout history – the people still kept happiness in their hearts and a smile on their faces and therefore I really adore the Irish folk because they are so funny and warm-hearted.

A part of my heart will always be there on this little, green island for it will never be whole again. Some might say this is a price way too high that you are forced to pay but I would gladly pay over and over again to leave a piece of my heart in a place I love. And in moments of ache and longing it reminds me that somewhere on this place there is a tiny piece of earth I can call my second home.


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  1. you have put down, your experience its so true and amazing to read your point of view.
    please keep writing your are doing a magic with your words.

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